Dare You To by Katie McGarry (Pushing the Limits # 2)

Dare You To - Katie McGarry

I read Pushing the Limits last fall and I can understand why so much praise has been afforded to Katie McGarry and this series. The writing is engaging and entertaining and the relationships formed among characters blossom organically. For all the drama that occurs, most of the story feels authentic and real. Other than Beth's interactions with her uncle's wife, Allison, I don't have a lot of criticism to give about this book.


Like Echo, Beth does not like living with her step/foster-mother figure and she gives her aunt hell at every opportunity. Allison's responses to Beth's behavior are equally childish and over-the-top. I don't mind adults and parental figures having some serious flaws, but both books in this series portray parents extremely negatively and it would have been great if at least one character behaved like a semi-rational person. It's completely understandable given Beth's history that she does not trust easily and her perception of other characters' intentions is skewed, but I didn't care for Allison's villainous depiction. It didn't sit right with me, but this is a relatively small part of the story.


While the plot in Dare You To is slightly more predictable than that of its predecessor, the book was a pleasure to read. Beth is a frustrating but sympathetic character and her main love interest (who surprisingly isn't Isaiah) is a pretty cool guy. I commend the author for making this change and letting the reader get to know the young woman that Ryan sees. I also thought Lacey's addition to the story was great, although I kind of wished her role had been explored a little more thoroughly.


All in all, I'm quite fond of this book.