This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales

This Song Will Save Your Life - Leila Sales

I don't generally make demands of people because we all have different tastes in books and know when something is not right for us.  However, This Song Will Save Your Life is a story that everyone can relate to in one way or another.   Please consider giving this book a chance


Even if you're someone who isn't prone to depression, has never experienced bullying (which I find somewhat impossible), or has never contemplated suicide, you probably know someone who struggled with one or all of these issues at some point in their lives. 


As someone who continues to struggle with depression, I completely related to Elise's experiences.  She hates that she is different and doesn't feel like she fits in anywhere.  No matter how much she tries to change her appearance, her interests, her demeanor, she is still that loner "artistic" kid that desires the one thing we all seem to strive toward: acceptance. 


You may say to yourself, "There are a bunch of sad stories written about depressed teens.  What makes this one so different?" 


I may not have the most eloquent response, but I loved this story because Elise knows exactly who she is and the journey she embarks on is about learning to love and accept herself as she is, flaws and all.  She has sharp eyes and a witty personality that radiates off the narrative.  We get to see all the best parts of Elise, even though she does not always see these aspects of herself as she tells the reader her story. 


This is a beautifully written book.  Leila Sales, you have acquired a new fan.