Just One Year by Gayle Forman (Just One Day # 2)

Just One Year  - Gayle Forman

If you're someone looking for an intriguing and complex romance with a bit of grit to it, then this story will never make the cut.  This book is all about that awful thing called fate.  I personally don't buy into all that soul-mate nonsense. People make choices and I can go on and on in a rant-like manner about the depth of my dislike for the notion of fate, but I will stop now before I start swearing profusely.


There's no judgment here.  Believe what you like.  I enjoy a good romance, but I hate passive characters who leave everything to chance and somehow it all works out for them in the end.  It's predictable and boring.


Anyway, Just One Year is not a romance.  It's a character study.  I'm not really spoiling anything by stating that "Lulu" (aka Allyson) doesn't actually enter the story until page 322.  This book is 323 pages long.  If you read the first book, then you basically know everything about their relationship.  Otherwise, her character only "appears" in the story when Willem reminisces about the day they spent together in Paris.  You know, because "we'll always have Paris."


The frustrating thing is that the entire story is premised on a romance.  The cover even depicts a young couple kissing and looking rather happy to be together.  I have to say, I'm really disappointed by the lack of reunion between the lead characters.  If you market a book as a romance, then there should actually be one.  All we get is a long-winded story that focuses on Willem's travels and his feeble attempt to locate the girl of his dreams while he shacks up with other women. 


I'm not impressed.