Origin by Jennifer Armentrout

Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout

You always have a choice. It's the one thing that no one can strip from us.


So says a character about 80 percent into the narrative. I won't spoil things by elaborating on the speaker or context of this statement. However, it provides some insight as to why my reading experience of Origin was so negative.


All of the major players in this book make decisions based on pure emotion - consequences be damned. Whenever someone is maimed/injured/killed due to a rash plan concocted by Daemon and Katy, the romantic leads show remorse for the span of about 2 seconds before they proceed to making declarations of love and wanting to jump each other's bones. We get the point: Katy and Daemon are "made" for each other and their love knows no bounds.


However, their behavior is selfish and inappropriate given the direness of their situation. This pair constantly laments on how they have no choice and will do anything to be together. Their love has essentially destroyed any remnants of a conscience and transformed them into the world's biggest douchebags.


The horrible thing about this book is nothing happens. We don't learn anything new about Daedalus or the Arum. Kat and Daemon basically endure the same tests Dawson and Beth experienced when they were held captive by the big, bad government organization. What is the purpose of these tests? Daedalus is EVIL and strives toward obtaining complete world domination. Muahahaha!!!!


It's all too vague and rather uninteresting to read. Seriously, this book is a waste of time and money. There's nothing here to hold my interest any longer.