The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa

The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa

I'm very new to Julie Kagawa's books - I recently read The Immortal Rules and loved it. The entire story blew me away and I really enjoyed the author's writing. Without a doubt, Julie Kagawa is a magnificent storyteller.


While I've heard of the Iron Fey series, I haven't felt inclined to read any of the books. I can't say that after reading The Lost Prince that I'm super excited about where this spin-off series is headed. New readers to the Iron Fey series will be able to follow along fairly well thanks to the addition of a character named Kenzie. Her entire existence in Ethan's life serves to recap and introduce the reader to the Nevernever and faeries. For this, I'm thankful. However, Kenzie is probably the most useless, boring and cliched character in the entire book. Ethan basically tells her every other page that she needs to go home and doesn't belong in his world. He's right. Of course, she doesn't listen and turns into a potential love-interest.


Our protagonist, Ethan Chase, is the younger brother of the Iron Queen (aka heroine of the Iron Fey series). I guess I kind of understand why Ethan decides to contact his sister in the Nevernever. There's something suspicious happening in the mortal realm and he wants to find a half-fey classmate that went missing. Yet, I felt quite detached to the characters as the story progressed. I think my lack of caring may have something to do with not having read the previous books.


Ethan is also an angsty sort of character whose attitude grated on my nerves. A lot. Ethan is able to see the fey, but he doesn't have any magic or glamour to fight the faeries who attack him and his companions. For me, the action scenes were lackluster because without the help of Kierran and Puck, the two human leads would essentially be doomed. Ethan tries to fight them and is always injured in the process. The only reason he survives is because a magical creature eventually steps in to help.


Finally, it's evident that Meghan never wanted Kierran and Ethan to meet and there's supposed to be a good reason behind it. I'm sure this is going to be a big reveal in the next book of this series and there's probably a prophecy of sorts behind it, but I'm not sure I care that much to find out the reason. Ethan has always had the sight. What other powers does he possess and why should he give a damn about the family of the sister who abandoned him? I honestly cannot fathom why he wants to get involved in the affairs of Nevernever. Why would a human have any influence over the politics of this magical realm? The way the story is set up makes it appear that this is more Kierran's fight than Ethan's.


The only characters that I felt a fondness for were Grimalkin and Razor.


"Bad kitty!" That's all.