Untold by Sarah Rees Brennan (The Lynburn Legacy # 2)

Untold  - Sarah Rees Brennan

I gave the first book of this series, Unspoken, four stars.  It wasn't anything groundbreaking and the story had some flaws, but it entertained me nonetheless.


Now the story continues with Untold


All I can say is that I'm immensely happy I borrowed this book from the library and did not pay $18.99 for the hardcover book.  The plot was mediocre and boring.  Kami Glass is still a know-it-all who remarks about how she will never be as pretty as Angela and Holly (and yet she has both Lynburn boys vying for her attention....and some ridiculous hint that Rusty may be interested too).  The entire plot consists of this group of teenagers "training" to fight the evil Rob Lynburn whilst engaging in flirtations/kisses with the few people who belong in their inner circle.


Basically, the plot sucked, the characters were morons, and the dialogue was unbelievably forced and awful. 


Note to the author: sarcasm is great if used appropriately and in small doses.  Not every conversation needs to be "funny," and using too much sarcasm causes your characters to become unsympathetic, selfish idiots.


This entire book was super immature, and I'm tired of reading stories that completely waste my time and do nothing but act as a filler for a series.